Monday, 19 May 2008

Scaring People with an Advert!

You would've definitely seen that Insurance Company Advert where the woman goes around the Home screaming "sanju..sanju". That ad from the Max New York Life Insurance company is a brilliant case study.

What's so special about this ad? Well, for one, its got just 2 people. It doesn't have any animations and it doesn't show an Old Man with glasses! What it shows is something negative. It potrays the wife to be scared, shocked and surprised. This is something new cuz most of the ads for Insurance companies we've seen so far shows someone dreaming about some danger or something like that. But this ad is negative deep down.

And funnily, in this Sadistic world, Negativity sells. Max New York's business has trebled since the ad's been telecast. The prime time slot on one of the most watched channels (Set Max during IPL matches) definitely helps.


Rakesh said...
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Rakesh said...

that ad was nice to watch a first few times... brilliant analysis by you.... but that ad is FUCKIN ANNOYING NOW..... with that woman constantly yelling sanju... god i wish i culd sew her lips together and even put a seal on it to be more sure....

i mute everytime i see that ad...

but it was nice to see the first few times... no doubt

Meghna said...

Sanju Sanju is becoming quite old now :) But its a good ad, I agree!

Dilip P said...

Brilliant ad I must say but it tends to become irritating when Chennai Happens to be losing miserably

Sagaro said...

The ad is good, cauze it has the girl from Hazaroon Kwaishey Aisi... in the film she was super hot... don't know how them managed to make her look so bad in the ad... yeniways..

Karthik.H said...


They've cut it short...guess it got on everybody's nerves.. :P


So do I..


It's irritating even if Chennai is mauling the opposition... I was in the stadium watching the RCB Cheerleaders dancing around for a CSK boundary...treat nonetheless.. :P


She was the same female from one of the Canara Bank change ads... Don't follow Hindi Movies, so I take your word for it... :P