Sunday, 25 May 2008

Crash! Bang! Rain! News and Frustration!!

It was an awesome start to the Monaco Grand Prix. Raining like crazy and crashes and stops all over. Frequent place shifts and amazing pit stop speed. An amazing dream-run for Force India running in 4th. Behing Mclaren, BMW and Ferrari. Vijay Mallya must've fainted.

Just when I thought a Ferrari 3, 5 was ok as long as 4th was Force India's, My dad as usual steps in, grabs the remote and changes to Sun TV. Apparently, the same news that he saw in the 130 telecast is waaaay more important than the Race I was watching. I swear by God that it was the same news. You know how those things work, make different news readers read the same stuff and successfully fool people into believing that its fresh news.

I don't know who to pity more. Raikonnen crashed into the 4th running Force India car at the Chicane out of the tunnel and they both went way back. Raikonnen had to pit and change his front nose and Sutil (The Force India Driver) retired. Raikonnen finished 9th and out of the points and Sutil retired.

Obviously, I pity my poor life. I had to watch this on Live Timing and commentary from some unknown fellow, when my dad was happily watching the same old "news".

I feel SO frustrated that I feel like Ripping off a few heads. I HATE MY LIFE!!!!! If not being able to watch a program that's been telecast once in 2 weeks in peace, why the hell should I like what's going on?????

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